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第七届中国(深圳)文博会重庆馆设计与搭建 2011年5月
The 7th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair(ICIF 2011)-- the Design of Chongqing Exhibition Hall May, 2010
2011年05月04日 来源:重庆演出公司


The design of Chongqing Exhibition Hall takes “The Landscape of Chongqing, The Performance of The Whole World” as its theme. By showing the scenery with mountains and rivers, the hall demonstrates the achievements of Chongqing performing culture industry, and introduces some performing projects of state-own company.
Chongqing is famous for the names of “bridge city” and “mountain city”, so bridge and mountain are two important designing elements in the appearance of Chongqing Exhibition Hall, which reflects the unique characteristics of Chongqing. The side walls of the hall demonstrate the tenet of development, “The Five Chongqing”, in paper-cut. And the words of “Chongqing and Chongqing Performance Arts Group Corporation” are on the head of the door, with the background of Ribbons and drums, which looks more powerful and impressive. All the designing of the hall concentrate on showing the theme “The Landscape of Chongqing, The Performance of The Whole World”.


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